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Load Excel Spreadsheet to table.Tool that I build

Very often we are asked to load data from excel spreadsheets to DB for data analysis or some data fix etc. There are several out of the box ways to load data in db like
SSIS , bulk insert and now powershell.  All these methods works fine and do the job but it is quite a bit of learning overhead for non-db guys . Other problem is permission
, as almost every organization developers do not have write access beyond Dev env. So it comes to DBA’s to do the job which becomes PITA soon as request keeps pouring from
developers 🙂 . To avoid these situations and help developers load data from excel to table in DB I build one small tool in C# .

We allow developer to load data from excel to tables in one specific db which can later be used to analyze data by joining with primay DB. We build process to clean up these temp tables after 15 days.

Here is screenshot :


All the fields in above form are self expalanatory. I am using 2 different provider here “Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0” and “Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0” ..If you don’t have
latest version of MS Office( 2010 ) then it might be the case that you don’t have latest driver. You need to download and install AccessDatabaseEngine_x64.exe from below location.


If you don’t want to download and install latest drive than you need to select “Live in Cave”(No offense :-)) option. This would make tool use Jet Ole DB provider for loading excel file.But there is one caveat with this option selected. You can’t load excel files with .xlsx extension . With .xlsx extension excel files are stored as xml which Jet Ole DB won’t recognize. Work around would be to open .xlsx file and save it as .xls ..You should be able to use tool to load .xls file then.

If you don’t select option “Existing Table” then this tool will create new table in db with all the columns as Varchar(20). If first row in excel sheet doesn’t have column name then arbitrary column names are used (F1, F2 etc.) for new table..

Since we have db’s in multiple domain with no trust between them so we allow only sql authentication to load data . I disabled Windows Authentication in tool for now which I would enable in next version for general use..

This tool has really helped DBA’s and Developers to quickly get data in DB for data fix or analysis so give it a shot and see if it help you the way it did to us.

Disclaimer :- This tool has been tested and used on several machines successfully but still there is no guarantee that it would work fine on all the machines since lot of env related factors play role during execution. Though I have not seen any security related issues while using this but use in production db is not recommended.

App can be downloaded from here 

Happy Loading


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