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Find and Replace string using Powershell

August 23, 2012 Leave a comment

This would a quick post on find and replace text in ssis config files using powershell. Recently we upgraded and moved our db’s which required to modify
config files to point to new server names. Since we are using xml config file so it is tedious to go and check every config file and modify server name.

If you have 1-2 config files then it is not a problem but if you more than 50 then it doesn’t make any sense going into each file and modifying it manually.

Again Powershell to the rescue.. Powershell makes it super easy to do this in one line of code.

Here is powershell script :

get-childitem -recurse -include “*.dtsconfig” | select-string “OLDSERVERNAME” -list | % { (get-content $_.path) | % { $_ -replace “OLDSERVERNAME” , “NEWSERVERNAME” } | set-content $_.path | write-host “Processed :- “+$_}

-recurse is used to recurse through all the folders in directory.
-include is used to look into file with “dtsconfig” extension only.

If you just want to get file name that will be modified . You can run below command.

get-childitem -recurse -include “*.dtsconfig” | select-string “OLDSERVERNAME” | select Path

This would search for string and print complete path and name of  file.

You can also group by filename and find out number of times that string matches in each file.

get-childitem -recurse -include “*.dtsconfig” | select-string “OLDSERVERNAME” | group-object path | select count , Name | format-table -auto

So here it is . Powershell again makes life easy.


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